How can I move my domain to Iranic ?

Root Folder > IraNIC Support
1- Login to your account in 
2- Click on your domain name
3- Click on the button " change contacts "
4- On Technical contact and Billing contact select " Other Handle " and write " ra50-irnic " 
5- Click on " update " button
6- Go to "" website
7- Create your own account and if you have an account login to your account
8- Click on " Your domains" 
9- Click on "If you already have a .IR domain ( Registered somewhere else or directly with NIC.IR ) and want to manage it here, you may add it here to your list !"
10- Write on your domain name in the box and click on "transfer domain to IraNIC" button

Now you can see your domain in " Your Domains" and manage in by clicking on your domain name

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